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Children Clinical University Hospital to open the first room for autistic children

Children Clinical University Hospital opened the first examination room for autistic children. The hospital also revealed an internet platform that offers information about autism, its symptoms and treatment methods.

The project became a reality thanks to X Infotech, says Children Hospital Fund manager Liene Dambiņa.

«Every person has the right to receive quality medical assistance. This is especially true for the least protected members of society – children,» says X Infotech co-owner Sergejs Jeļisejevs. He adds: ‘I hope this project helps our children smile more often – it means the world to me!’

Representatives say that the autism room will function as an open-type examination room in Gaiļezers, where parents or guardians that take care of children suffering from autism will be able to receive free psychological assistance.

Creation of www.autismsberniem.lv was possible thanks to contribution from Latvian Autism Association manager Līga Bērziņa, clinical psychologist Zane Kronberga, Children Hospital’s Psychiatry Clinic manager Ņikita Bezborodovs, Mental Health Rehabilitation Ward head Irina Trušina and ASDinfoWAles (www.adsinfowales.co.uk), which is a non-government organization in the UK.

It is also worth mentioning that it is thanks to their openness that the Children Hospital Fund was able to translate many valuable information materials that were later published on the website.

«If your child was diagnosed with a form of autism and you don’t know what to do; if this suspect your child has autism; if your child has autism and you don’t know how to approach your child; if you have questions and don’t know how to deal with the fact that your child has autism, sign up for a free consultation and we will help you find a solution,» invites psychologist Marija Legzdiņa.

The head of the Children Hospital Fund says that the autism room is a continuation of the fund’s initiative to expand support for children with autism.

At the same time, the first step towards providing support was the introduction of autism diagnosing in the Children Hospital at the beginning of 2017, when the fund paid for specialist training and test materials. The hospital provided the specialist who provided this service.

«After surveying the situation, we concluded that a large number of children whose parents cannot afford therapy and diagnostic, which is an expensive service, are left with no help. The room and website offer a real opportunity. Still, we are well-aware that it cannot provide all the necessary help alone,» says Children Hospital Fund manager Liene Dambiņa.

Continuing, she adds: «We view this project as an important support point, where parents and guardians can receive information and assistance. Unfortunately, availability of different forms of therapy is still limited. This is why we have begun considering other forms of assistance. I am very grateful to X Infotech and Child Hospital’s Psychiatry Clinic specialist for the assistance, time and resources they provided to make this project a reality.»

In 2015, 303 children in Latvia were diagnosed with autism. However, data from the World Health Organization shows that one of 160 children in the world is autistic. This means autism is a problem for a much larger number of children.


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