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Straume, becoming chief of KNAB, declared debts worth EUR 61,000

Jēkabs Straume/skaties.lv.
Data from the State Revenue Service shows that Jēkabs Straume, the new head of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, declared debts worth EUR 61,202 in June, when he was approved in his new post.

Straume says this amount is half from the total amount – EUR 122,405. This amount is the mortgage loan he and his wife took.

Information from his declaration states that Straume has land and an apartment owned in Tīnūži Parish.

Straume does not own any vehicles. He also has no savings that exceed 20 monthly wages or EUR 7,600. Although Straume has worked in the state system for many years and he has in a high post in the Military Reconnaissance and Security Service, declarations of officials from this service are not published.

Declarations of KNAB officials that work in the operations and Internal Security Office are also not available for public access. Among the publicly available declarations, the biggest debt is reported to be one for Legal Department Office Chief Ieva Otomere. Her declared wage was EUR 26,092 and registered debt was EUR 177,847 in 2016.

State Officials’ Control Department manager Andris Donskis declared debt of EUR 32,525 last year.

Former Chief of KNAB Yaroslavs Strelchenoks also had a considerable amount of debt. His debt declared on 16 November 2016, at the end of his term, was EUR 106,832.


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