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Ašeradens’ own involvement in supervision of subsidized energy production to be checked

Arvils Ašeradens/flickr.com/Saeima.
Saeima’s Parliamentary Inquiry Committee to evaluate Harmony party’s questions addressed Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens about the situation with monitoring subsidized energy production.

Deputies say Economy Ministry has failed to provide any clear answers as to what is has accomplished to ensure proper monitoring over production of subsidized energy – «or whether or not it was organized in the interest of society and not certain businessmen».

Opposition representatives also believe claims from the ministry about future plans are «unclear, chaotic and mutually exclusive».

Politicians are worried that Economy Ministry’s supervision over production of subsidized electricity has so far been performed in the interest of certain businessmen, rather than society. Also deputies are worried that the ministry may attempt to hide possible illegal activities.

To put concerns to rest, deputies request the minister to provide an explanation in regards to supervision of the process of production of subsidized electricity.

After information about possible problems involving multiple CHP plants surfaced in the public space, Economy Ministry formed a control group to perform inspections at eight CHP plants in October.

Inspections surveyed locations of supposed CHP plants and their activities, as well as associated documents from Sadales tīkls.

The control group performed inspections at SIA Briedis būve, SIA Madonas eko, SIA Tektus, SIA M parks, SIA E Strenči, SIA Elektro Rīdzene, SIA E Seda and SIA Rīgas Enerģija.

«Conclusions made in inspections show that no production of electricity is being performed at CHP plants at the moment. There is reason to believe production of electricity lasted only for the 72-hour test period,» Economy Ministry says.


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