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Unknown object explodes during police search, injuring an officer in Riga

During a search organized by police in a massive as part of an investigation of an explosive and weapons storage case, an unknown object detonated and injured one of the officers.

State Police reports that yesterday, during a criminal investigation in Riga, capital area and Tukums, a total of twelve searches were performed in places believed to house illegal firearms and explosives.

During one of the searches, a police officer was injured. He has been hospitalized, and his injuries are not life-threatening.

A separate investigation has been launched to determine what happened.

As a result of aforementioned searches, police confiscated 40 kg of explosives, 11 different pistols, 10 carbines, 7 automatic firearms, 1,142 units of ammunition, 81 firearm components, 75 detonators and their components.

Among the discovered items were war-time and modern types of firearms.


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