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National Armed Forces to supply border guard with Glock 17 pistols

Latvian National Armed Forces will supply the Border Guard with the first Glock 17 pistols procured as part of rearmament plan on Thursday, 2 October.

«We fulfil our objectives and perform rearmament of the border guard to cooperate more closely, raise our country’s security and enhance our defensive capabilities. Only through cooperation can we become stronger and overcome situations no matter what happens,» says Defence Minister Raimonds Bergmanis.

In accordance with State Defence Concept detailed in the National Armed Forces Law, the State Border guard is to participate in state defence under command of National Armed Forces.

During peace time, National Armed Forces and State Border Guard plan mutual compatibility in armament, equipment and communications, as well as training. The two also coordinate cooperation mechanisms for crisis situations.

In 2015, the Cabinet of Ministers supported State Border Guard’s equipment and arms procurements by applying National Armed Forces standards.


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