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Čakša: Healthcare Ministry’s talks with family doctors no longer progress on-topic

Anda Čakša/Saeima Chancellery.
Talks between family doctors and Healthcare Ministry have entered a phase in which discussions no longer progress on-topic, said Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša in an interview to Rīta panorama.

According to her, whenever problems defined by Latvian Family Doctors Association are discussed during meetings of the work group, both sides seem to agree. Nevertheless, the association still voices its dissatisfaction later.

The minister believes the association does all it can to stay at the centre of attention.

In regards to e-health, against which the association continues to protest, Čakša said that improvements are being continuously worked on – a special team travels from region to region, assessing technical problems and trying to find a solution for each individual case.

The minister reminds that e-health system’s introduction was given enough time, but some family doctors have yet to use it. More than 40 of family doctors have signed agreements on the use of e-health system so far.

When asked how this situation could end, Čakša said «the smart one will stand down, and it is always possible to pick who the smart one is». She did not answer the question directly. She did, however, say that a compromise will be found in the end.

The minister invited LĢĀA to not force a strike at the very beginning of the influenza season, because it would be «a crime against residents».


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