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Pabriks: there is a serious risk of drop in quality in the ranks of Latvia’s army

Artis Pabriks/flickr.com.
Declining physical exercise among youngsters affects the quality of Latvia’s armed forces, says Latvian MEP Artis Pabriks.

«The announcement by National Armed Forces regarding the necessity to ease the requirement for health and physical tests in order to secure more personnel for the army is yet another sign of a possible decline in quality in the ranks of Latvia’s army. Although requirements currently remain unchanged, this situation could have a serious impact on our soldier’s fitness,» Pabriks comments.

The MEP believes ministries should pay more attention to children’s and youngsters’ health and physical fitness, and search for a solution to this problem together. He also invites parents to pay more attention to their children’s health and activities: ‘We cannot put responsibility for children’s lack of exercise on the state and schools. Parents are the ones who provide children with the biggest examples. Parents should follow their children’s diets and physical activity outside of schools more closely’.

Pabriks believes the state and municipalities, especially in countryside regions, should evaluate availability of different free activities and clubs for children to participate in outside of school.


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