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Latvia and Russia to sign final documents regarding state border demarcation

On Wednesday, 25 October, Latvia’s and Russia’s final border demarcation documents will be signed at the Foreign Affairs Ministry. These documents will include the demarcation map, border description, landmarks reports, landmarks coordination and altitudes catalogue, as well as the final minutes.

It should be noted that documents will be signed by co-chairpersons of both countries’ demarcation commissions – Consul General in St. Petersburg Irina Mangule and ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary Aleksejs Obuhovs.

At the festive event, attendants will be welcomed by Foreign Affairs Ministry’s state secretary Andrejs Pildegovičs, as confirmed by the ministry.

It is also reported that the signing will take place during the final meeting of the demarcation commission. After that, all documents will be submitted to governments of both countries for approval. Once the two countries exchange official approvals, the demarcation process will be completed.

It should be said that Latvia’s and Russia’s demarcation commissions were formed in accordance with the agreement between the Republic of Latvia and Russian Federation on Article 5 of the shared border of Latvia and Russia, which provides for both sides forming a shared demarcation commission.


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