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Though vote-buying was proven, CEC decides to not change division of mandates in Saeima

Andrejs Elksniņš/flickr.com/Saeima.
The Central Election Commission has decided to not re-divide mandates in the 12th Saeima after Latgale Regional Court ruled that four votes were, in fact, bought in favour of Harmony’s candidate Andrejs Elksniņš.

This decision was made based on the fact that four votes are not enough to affect division of votes among political forces.

It was previously reported that this is the fifth court ruling in criminal cases regarding vote-buying activities in Latgale’s election site during 12th Saeima elections that has come into force. However, until now the number of bought votes has not come even close to the threshold that would affect the division of mandates among candidates in Latgale’s election site.

Latgale Regional Court found the accused Anatolijs Sproge and Fjodors Martinovs as guilty in buying votes during 12th Saeima elections. The two were sentenced to 260 of community service. Two cassation complaints were submitted to oppose the ruling, but the Senate of the Supreme Court made the decision on 22 September to decline reviewing the ruling.

CEC Information Department manager Kristīne Bērziņa had previously said that Latgale Regional Court’s ruling stated that it is a proven fact that four voters were bribed with money and alcoholic drinks to cast votes in favour of Harmony’s candidate Elksniņš.

The fact that votes of 66 voters were bought in favour of Unity candidate Dzintars Zaķis was proven in previous court hearings.


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