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Mortality from strokes in Latvia may grow significantly in the near future

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To raise awareness of the dramatic situation with strokes in Latvia and motivate decision-makers into improving stroke prevention measures and treatment and increasing funding for this area, cardiologists and neurologists invite officials to come to a discussion dedicated to preventing strokes at P.Stradins Clinical University Hospital at 11:00 on 25 October.

Mortality rates from strokes in Latvia already exceed those in the EU 2.5 times: mortality in Latvia is 124 per 100,000, whereas average mortality index in the EU is 50 per 100,000, notes ParSirdi.lv patient association.

According to data from Burden of Stroke study performed in Europe this year, mortality from strokes in Latvia will have grown 15% by 2035. Every case of stroke causes major financial burden for the patient, society and the country. This burden can be reduced or prevented by providing timely and accessible treatment.

Kārlis Trušinskis, head of Hypertension and Atherosclerosis Association of Latvia, says: «This is a cry for help! One of the most common causes for stroke is high blood pressure. It is important to diagnose it as early as possible and commence treatment to protect the person from having a stroke. But the most dangerous cause behind stroke is arrhythmia – a disease that can be treated using medicine and small-scale intrusive procedures.»

The specialist notes that nearly all European countries, Estonia and Lithuania included, offer modern and effective treatment for prevention of strokes. Latvia has yet to implement similar measures. «This is why I would like to invite decision-makers to consider diverting financial services to stroke prevention treatment to ensure a steady reduction with the number of people suffering strokes in the country.»


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