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Latvia invites Iran to act constructively to ensure security

Edgars Rinkēvičs/flickr.com/Foreign Affairs Ministery.
Latvian Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs participated in a meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council in Luxembourg, where he discussed about the role of Iran in the region and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in light of the upcoming report from US President Donald Trump to the Congress on Iran’s progress realizing the plan.

The minister welcomed Iran’s continued cooperation with IAEA in the realization of JCPOA. IAEA’s reports state that Iran responsibly complies with its commitment to limit its nuclear programme. With that, Latvia expects JCPOA to remain in force. Preservation of JCPOA is important for non-distribution process of nuclear weapons. Considering the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula, there is a need for continued and constructive participation of all sides in realization of JCPOA.

«Latvia invites Iran to demonstrate constructive action towards regional stability and security. In the context of political uncertainty, it is important to refrain from actions that may result in termination of this agreement,» said Rinkēvičs.

Ministers present at the meeting also discussed the situation with the rule of law and compliance with basic human rights in Turkey and its own role in the region.

At the same time, Rinkēvičs also pointed attention towards Turkey’s role in NATO. He also welcomed EU-Turkey cooperation in the agreement regarding migration.

«EU-Turkey cooperation talks should be continued, because it is a platform that can help resolve many matters, including compliance with human rights, rule of law and democratic standards, emphasized the Latvian foreign affairs minister.

Ministers also discussed the realization of the EU human rights policy and effective use of existing instruments. Rinkēvičs expressed support for accomplishments made by EU Special Envoy in improving EU human rights policy. The minister also pointed towards the troubling situation with human rights in Crimea, especially the discrimination of Crimean Tatars.


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