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Kučinskis evasive in evaluation of Unity’s Economy Minister candidates

Māris Kučinskis/flickr.com/Saeima.
Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis remains evasive when it comes to assessing Unity’s Economy Minister candidates.

According to unofficial information, among the potential candidates are Riga City Council deputy Vilnis Ķirsis, Foreign Ministry’s parliamentary secretary Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica and Welfare Ministry’s parliamentary secretary Karina Ploka.

On Monday, 16 October, Kučinskis told LTV that in his last conversation with Unity leader and Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens the two discussed this matter. The two agreed that following Unity’s decision, assessments regarding specific candidates will not be provided. Ašeradens promised a decision from the board of Unity would come on Monday. He also added that there is not 100% guarantee that an appropriate candidate would be found by then.

Talks will commence once there is solid topic to discuss, said the prime minister and added that he will ask candidates about ‘major projects’ and completion of the government’s action plan.

On Monday, 16 October, Unity plans to decide on a specific Economy Minister candidate. Unity has to pick a new candidate because Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens has decided to step down to replace Solvita Āboltiņa and become chairman of Unity’s Saeima faction.

«Unity has no plans to give the minister’s post to any other party. I will support the chosen candidate to the best of my ability. The final decision as to which of the three candidates we pick will be made on Monday, 16 October. I can say right now that all three come from our party,» Ašeradens said.

Kučinskis has said that Ašeradens will not sign his resignation once the candidate becomes known.


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