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Return to military conscription discussed in Latvia

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The restoration of mandatory military service would need three preconditions – the need expressed by the military, political will and public support, evaluated Latvian Defence Ministry State Secretary Jānis Garisons at an academic discussion on the necessity to restore conscription.

At the discussion held by the academic society Austrums on Thursday, October 13, Garisons stated that the renewal of conscription is not planned in long-term defence plans.

«Two things are important, namely, we haven’t said we’re against mandatory military service, but currently we cannot afford it. Secondly, we have to work on national defence being the task of the society as a whole. Unfortunately, the geopolitical situation is the way it is. Five or ten years ago, I would have agreed to change something or to experiment,» explained the Latvian Defence Ministry State Secretary.

In early 2017, the Latvian Defence Ministry wrote in a press release that apart from a large increase in funding, the restoration of conscription would need a considerable number of personnel to work as drill instructors and officers, which, in turn, means fully disbanding the existing professional service and the best members of the Latvian Land Guard (Zemessardze).


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