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Experts: Alternative fuel gains popularity in Latvia

As alternative options develop, buyers, when choosing between a car with a petrol or diesel-motor should in the nearest time also consider buying an electric car, concluded specialists and enthusiasts, who met at a training course held by the Zemgale planning region of Latvia on Monday, October 9.

The board-chairman of the Emission-free Mobility Support Society, Andris Bergs, evaluated that the existing transport system in Latvia is not durable as the current solution for adhering to European Union directives and reducing carbon dioxide emissions has been set to increase until 2020 the portion of biofuel in petrol and diesel to 8.5% of its energy value.

A representative of the Latvian Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) told that in 2016, 10 new and 30 used vehicles with electric-motor have been registered in Latvia with the total number of electric cars in the country exceeding 300.

The official also reminded CSDD would carry out an EU-co-funded project by mid-2018 to set up 70 charging stations on TEN-T roads in Latvia.

Interestingly, Anda Jēkabsone from the firm Ekodoma suggested another alternative – to use biomethane as motor-vehicle fuel, reasoning that in Latvia biogas plants in 2016 a total of 377.99 GWh of electric energy have been produced and explained that «vehicles could use up to 75 million kubic metres of biogas a year.»


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