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Police: Tragic Saulkrasti explosion had force of 100 kgs of TNT

Andrejs Grišins/flickr.com.

The explosion that blew up a residential house in Saulkrasti novads, where five people have been found dead, could have equalled the power of 100 kilograms of trinitrotoluene explosive, Latvian police evaluated.

According to the Latvian State Police, Head of the Main Criminal Police Administration, Andrejs Grišins, a criminal investigation has been opened with the main version of the events that an explosion took place in the building and the fireworks or substances used for making fireworks have exploded.

«Apparently, people had established an illegal warehouse of pyrotechnics, situated in a residential building, which is a violation of the law and rules of safety,» said Grišins.

The victims are three women, one man and an adolescent, allegedly, all members of one family.

Reportedly, on Thursday, October 6, fire-fighters in were called to Saulkrasti novads, where a residential building had crumbled after an explosion. Five dead people were found in the rubble.

The Latvian Fire and Rescue service informed that it had received the call on Thursday evening and as soon as its team reached the site, it started a search-and-rescue operation. It also put out flames and demolished the structures of the building for the fire crew to be safe to search for possible survivors.


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