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Person’s name conversion into Latvian – no infringement of privacy, Supreme Court rules

The Latvian Supreme Court has established that it has been correct for a lower instance court to reject an application to issue a document recognising that the foreign-language name of an applicant must be written in Latvian without endings and lengthening marks.

Representatives of the court announced that on Wednesday, October 4, the Department of Administrative Cases of the Latvian Supreme Court left unchanged the ruling of the District Court of Administrative Cases to dismiss the respective application for receiving a favourable administrative decision.

The substance of the matter had been to decide whether the conversion of the person’s name in its source language to the Latvian language in passport had infringed the person’s right to privacy.

The court found no infringement and reasoned that the person’s name had been written in official documents in the official language of Latvia with endings and lengthening marks since birth and that the name in Latvian has not caused difficulties to the applicant or acquired any unpleasant meaning as a result of the conversion.


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