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Single elderly households are poorest in Latvia

Among Latvian households, the lowest income has been observed in the households of single and elderly people, who are aged 65 or older, Latvian statisticians have estimated.

According to data on 2015, as provided by the Latvian Central Statistical Bureau, it was found that average income of these households were 324 euros per one member of the household as compared to a national household average of 417 euros.

As to the year 2016, pensioners spent almost a third (32%) of their income in food products with the second largest proportion of spending were housing expenses, which made up an average of one-fifth of total household spending, or 69 euros, a month per a member of the household.

The third largest proportion of spending in the household of the elderly in 2016 was health expenses, which made up 16.7% of 55 euros per person a month.


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