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Study: Most trusted profession in Latvia – teachers, least trusted – politicians

Latvians see teachers, bank workers and doctors as the most trusted profession, while politicians, civil servants and judges are the least trusted trades according to the results of an opinion poll conducted in August.

In the poll carried out by pollster Latvian SKDS and business law firm Primus, respondents were asked to assess with marks from one to 10 to what an extent they think people working in certain professions can be trusted with 10 meaning «they can be fully trusted» and one meaning «they cannot be trusted»

The poll resulted in highest average indicator (7.18) being attributed to teachers, followed by bank workers (6.83), doctors (6.56), shop assistants (6.24) and policemen (6.06).

Meanwhile, the lowest average indicator went to politicians (3.44), but civil servants, judges and lawyers did somewhat better with indicators of 5.10, 5.46 and 5.73, respectively. More than a fifth of respondents, however, noted it was hard to say to what an extent can lawyers and judges be trusted.


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