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Delna asks Čakša to explain approach to resolve possible conflict of interests

Anda Čakša/flickr.com/Healthcare Ministery.
Society for openness Delna has sent a letter to Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša, asking here to explain how the ministry intends to resolve a possible conflict of interests that involves the minister’s advisor, the country’s head oncologist Dace Baltiņa, who is also director of the International Virotherapy Centre.

On Tuesday, 26 September, Čakša publicly announced that a meeting with Rigvir drug critics and supporters will be organized on 3 October.

Because Baltiņa is also the director of the International Virotherapy Centre and is publicly considered the ‘medical director of Rigvir holding’, Delna asks the minister to explain just how the ministry intends to secure objectivity at the upcoming meeting.

Delna had mentioned the risks associated with Baltiņa’s shared posts in February. ‘Delna believes that as Rigvir representative, Baltiņa is interested in securing profits for the company from sales. This could potentially afect her judgement and recommendations provided to the ministry. And this could potentially harm public health,’ Delna representatives explain.

Delna also asks the minister to explain if the ministry has commenced any inspections in relation to Latvian doctors’ claims that Rigvir is not as effective as manufacturers claim. Representatives reference a similar case that took place in France in 2007, when Dr Irene Frachon informed supervisory institutions of the possible lethal side-effects of Mediator drug. French authorities made sure distribution of this drug was halted in the end.


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