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EUR 1.1 million to be allocated for Vaidere’s fight against Russia’s false news

Inese Vaidere/flickr.com.
The European Parliament has decided to support MEP Inese Vaidere’s submitted pilot projects worth a total of EUR 1.9 million, as reported by the MEP’s assistant Gita Sauka.

According to her, the European Parliament has approved pilot projects worth a total of EUR 100 million in the 2018 budget.

Vaidere has two pilot projects approved: one for the fight against Russia’s propaganda, and the other – for the establishment of equal quality good in Latvia and Western Europe.

«My pilot project to oppose Russia’s propaganda and false news will be provided with funding of EUR 1.1 million. Europe has to work together to combat Russia’s propaganda machine effectively,» said the MEP.

Vaidere also says that news about Russia’s disinformation campaigns is nothing new. Nevertheless, this power should not be underestimated – its goal is to ruin western countries’ democracy. «Methods to combat it are very important,» she said.

The MEP comments on the second supported pilot project: «It is good that our efforts to oppose dishonest consumer discrimination in Eastern Europe have paid off. The European Commission has heard us. The pilot project for ensuring quality goods for the entire European Union will receive funding of EUR 0.8 million. This funding will be used to perform the first study in Europe that will help assess differences in products in different European regions.»

Vaidere notes that many same-brand products contain differences in composition depending on whether they are released in Eastern and Central European markets. «There have not been any all-encompassing studies performed so far to determine how many products are affected by this problem. It is clear, however, that many products sold in our country are of lower quality in comparison with products released for the western markets,» the MEP notes.


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