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Government approves healthcare funding legislative draft

On Tuesday, 26 September, Latvian government approved the healthcare funding legislative draft, which was developed to establish the general outline for healthcare funding system’s principles and regulate the structure of the state mandatory health insurance.

«The goal of the legislative draft is securing sustainable funding for healthcare that is based around residents honestly paying taxes to provide appropriate funding in accordance with international practices (with it reaching 4% of GDP in 2020),» explains Healthcare Ministry.

The ministry emphasizes that the legislative draft provides that starting from 1 January 2019 all persons that perform social payments and groups of residents relieved of those payments are to be provided with a full basket of healthcare services.

In addition, full spectrum of healthcare services is to be provided to individuals who perform health insurance payments in a specific amount.

Full basket of state-financed healthcare services to be provided to aforementioned residents includes the following: family doctor services; dental care; medical assistance at home; services provided by the Emergency Medical Service; first aid services at clinics; diagnostic tests and daytime hospital services.

Persons who do not pay social fees or are relieved of paying social fees will have the right for basic healthcare services: emergency medical assistance; obstetrical services; dental care in acute cases; family doctor health check-up services and treatment in the event of serious infections that could affect public health.

For the legislative draft to come into force, it has to be reviewed and approved by the Saeima.


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