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70 electric car recharge stations to be built in Latvia

70 electric car recharge stations are planned to be built in Latvia before the middle of 2018, as reported by Road Traffic Safety Directorate representative Rolands Rumba.

He notes that the electric car recharge station network project included a survey of potentially suitable locations along TEN-T roads and development of projects to ensure safe connection to power lines at locations chosen for recharge stations.

The first stage of the project includes the deployment of 30 recharge stations. Preparations for construction and connection to power lines have commenced. Another 40 stations are planned to be built in second stage in 2018. 80 more stations are planned to be built along regional roads between 2019 and 2020.

In parallel to this project, CSDD has realized several procurements – procurement for quick recharge stations for electric cars, their assembly and maintenance, procurement for preparation of locations chosen for 30 recharge stations, and procurement for supervision over construction work. Construction of the first 30 stations will commence in September and will last four months.

Fast recharge stations will be compatible with CSS (Combo 2) and CHAdeMO-type ports with maximum recharge output of 50 kW and alternative current recharge using Type2 ports with maximum recharge output of up to 43 mW.

«Recharge time depends on multiple factors, including battery capacity, external temperature, battery temperature, and charge level at the time of recharge. For example, recharge time for electric cars with battery capacity of 25 kW/h to 80% is 30 minutes. After 80%, recharge speed drops significantly, and reaching 100% recharge may take three times more time, but that depends on the battery used by the car,» CSDD explains.

Continuing European Regional Development Fund’s project for the establishment of electric car recharge infrastructure, it is planned to build 80 recharge stations on regional roads and populated areas with population above 5,000 in 2019 and 2020. To realize this project, CSDD plans to perform multiple procurements in 2018. The project is realized using co-financing from European Regional Development Fund. The total cost of the project is EUR 8.34 million.


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