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Pabriks: Russia failed to intimidate anyone with Zapad exercises

Artis Pabriks/flickr.com.
Information acquired during Zapad 2017 military exercises will be enough to assess the tactics used and strategy, said MEP Artis Pabriks in an interview to Rīta panorama programme of LTV.

Pabriks reminds that it is not easy to acquire information directly in such exercises. The open doors day is basically a demonstration in which the host shows only what they want to show. This is why NATO member states should use other ways to observe developments, says the politician.

«I think we will have a sufficiently clear picture of what happened there,» said Pabriks.

When asked if Russia succeeded in intimidating anyone with Zapad 2017, the politician said that the opposite has been achieved. This made Europe and NATO realize the threat and begin considering their defence in more detail.

He said that it is possible that one of Russia’s goals was to involve Belarus in its military exercises so much that the country will no longer able act autonomously.

At the same time, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko did not trust Russia until the end of Zapad 2017, which is demonstrated by the separate observation of military exercises, said the MEP. Pabriks adds that Lukashenko is a manoeuvring master, because not just any country would be able to manoeuvrer so well and for so long between the west and east.

When asked if information reported by the media regarding those military exercises was not exaggerated in some way, Pabriks said the sheer scale of Zapad 2017 is too much to consider possible consequences, which is why it was best to warn about possible negative scenarios in advance.


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