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Latkovskis says sometimes questionable votes are lobbied in Saeima in secret

Ilmārs Latkovskis/flickr.com/Saeima.
There have been cases sin which questionable votes were being lobbied in the parliament in secret. Compared with last year, this tendency is demonstrating growth, said Saeima deputy Ilmārs Latkovskis in an interview to Latvijas Avīze.

The politician added that the Saeima is ruled by dictatorship of certain parties. This kind of rule, Latkovskis says, should be dropped. «Saeima committees should serve as workshops that develop and approve decisions. Now deputies come to committees to vote for decisions made behind the scenes. We should reject party quotas in the budget, as well as budget calculation for ministries and Saeima committees. It is necessary to reduce dependence of ministries, industries and regions on parties. This quota system is tightly tied to extortion of finances and their division among the ‘right people’.»

Latkovskis also criticized colleagues for whom «Harmony or oligarchs are the biggest enemies in external policy matters, but become a united party with them when it comes to deals of influence». «All the supporters and deputies notice that every now and then, but act as though they see nothing. Other people burrow deep into a narrow circle of people who perform actually useful work and pretend nothing is wrong. Some deputies accept the role of a cultural outcast unless they keep quiet and do not interfere with affairs of the high and mighty. And then it is necessary to knock down doors to wake them up,» said Latkovskis, describing his decision to leave his former party as one such door-knocking example.

«Such an internal shock has come to Unity too late. Sadly, Unity had intellectual potential valuable to Latvia. Unfortunately, the regime present in the Saeima has successfully degraded it. The National Alliance and Union of Greens and Farmers are safe from collapse thanks to their voters. For NA, it is a narrow category of national voters. They pull the party through the 5% barrier. For UGF, voters provide 10%. They actively defend politicians involved in Ridzene talks. But such a tactic only serves to tighten the noose around their necks. It is demand for a more war-hungry and primitive type of politicians,» said the deputy.

Latkovskis did not provide a clear answer as to his plans for the future. «It is worth staying if you develop yourself in politics as a man who provides creative and tidying impulses for the environment. The Saeima wants to improve its comprehensive policy group. The modern policy lacks synergy between people and view on life. Sustainable Development Committee has the potential for practical application of such a policy. I have decided to move to this committee because of that. Will anything good come of this? We will see. I don’t want to burrow deeper into the partocracy.»


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