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Legislative draft proposed to simplify referendum procedure

The Central Election Commission has registered Open Management Partnership in Latvia signature collection association’s legislative draft submitted for the fourth time. This legislative draft proposes cancelling amendments of 8 November 2012 to the Law on National Referendum, Legislative Initiative and European Citizens’ Initiative, as reported by the commission.

The last time the legislative draft was submitted was summer 2016. The twelve-month signature collection procedure concluded on 18 November. A repeated procedure was organized will be organized 19 September and will last until 18 September 2018.

«The Law on National Referendum, Legislative Initiative and European Citizens’ Initiative does not limit initiative group’s rights to submit one and the same initiative time and time again. Because of that, the initiative group will be allowed to submit the same legislative draft to CVK again, but previously collected signatures do not add up. This means collection of signatures will have to start over,» CVK representatives say.

Statistics regarding signature collection from CVK shows that so far the proposed legislative draft has not gathered a lot of support from voters. In the signature collection process that lasted between 19 September 2015 and 18 September 2016, only 1,494 signatures were collected. In the period between 19 September 2016 and 18 September 2017, only 1,239 signatures were collected. At the same time, for the legislative draft to be submitted to the parliament for review, authors of the initiative have to collect signatures from at least 10% or 155,224 voters.

It is possible to sign initiatives registered by CVK electronically, at Latvija.lv, 933 municipal signature collection zones, county or city administrations, as well as sworn notaries.


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