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Latvia will have 100 stationary speed cameras next year

Latvian Cabinet of Ministers has supported amendments to regulations that provide clarifying planned income and expenditures for measures associated with improving road traffic supervision. In 2018, Latvia will have 100 stationary speed cameras set up on roads, as reported by Interior Affairs Ministry.

Amendments were developed to assist with a successful realization of the previously planned plan for speed cameras – 40 more speed cameras will be set up in 2018, increasing the total number of speed cameras to 100. At the same time, it is planned that 12 new mobile speed cameras will be set up in the country in September.

The government has approved amendments to Cabinet Requirements of 29 July 2014 Nr. 382 On long-term duties of the Interior Affairs Ministry for ensuring continued operation of technical means (speed cameras) of recording road traffic violations.

Amendments provide for compliance with financial obligations to finish introduction of stationary speed cameras.

It should be said that it was originally planned to introduce 100 speed cameras in four separate stages: 16 in the first stage (realized in 2015), 24 in the second stage (realized in 2016), 20 in the third stage (in 2017) and 40 in the fourth stage (2018), as noted in the ministry’s report.

Also, to ensure the procurement of 40 speed cameras in 2018, it will be necessary for the Cabinet of Ministers to decide on the diversion of profits of CSDD towards the procurement of speed cameras. In accordance with the plan, the cost of procurement and installation will reach EUR 2,933,259 in 2018.


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