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Latvia’s Naval Forces participate in Northern Coasts 2017 exercises

From 8th to 21st September annual military exercises Northern Coasts 2017 will be taking place in Swedish and Danish territorial waters. Ships and their crews will practice cooperation in restricting and shallow waters by plying out different scenarios.

Latvian Defence Ministry reports that Latvia will be represented by A-90 Varonis Navy headquarters and supply ship and one officer for the training headquarters.

«A-90 Varonis currently performs its duties as a member of Baltic States Naval Squadron (BALTRON). Commander Kaspars Miezītis is in charge of the ship. Northern Coasts 2017 military exercises will also be attended by NATO’s 1st Standing Marine Group. Command over the group was delegated to Latvia for the first time on 29 June 2017, when Commander Gvido Ļaudups was appointed commander of SNMCMG1,» experts explain.

Participation of SNMCMG1 group’s ships is secured by Latvian A-53 Virsaitis headquarters ship.

Northern Coasts 2017 exercises will be the final ones for BALTRON. For the purpose of military exercises, BALTRON headquarters will consist of officers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. BALTRON will be in charge of the squadron of six ships from Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

BALTRON was formed in 1998. One of the goals of this cooperation projects is raising the professionalism of ship crew by taking part in annual mine-sweeping exercises and operations, as well as operations organized by NATO. Cooperation also helps improve cooperation capabilities of Baltic States.


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