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Latvia eases citizenship provision process for Latvians and Livonians living abroad

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Latvian Cabinet of Ministers has approved rules that provide Latvians and Livonians living abroad with rights to undergo repeated language exams to become Latvian citizens, as reported by Interior Affairs Ministry.

«To strengthen and preserve Latvian citizens’ community in a modern world and realize the goal of Citizenship Law – provide Latvians and Livonians with the rights to register as Latvian citizens – it has been decided to amend requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers for terms of repeated Latvian language exams,» ministry explains.

It has been decided that instead of the previous three-month term, applicants will be allowed to cover repeated exams without a term restriction within a single Latvian citizenship provision process.

Interior Affairs Ministry emphasizes that legislative regulation is necessary because it has been noted that Latvians and Livonians living abroad and who are unable to pass the exam on their first try find it difficult to return to Latvia after three months for another try. Sometimes it is even impossible for them.

According to the ministry, Latvians and Livonians living abroad pass the exam on their first try in 80% of cases. But even for Latvians and Livonians who fail on their first try have a rather short period of time to improve their language skills.


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