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Latvia has third largest mobile internet consumption in the world

Last year, mobile internet consumption in Latvia continued rapidly growing, reaching record high amount – 5 GB per SIM card. This puts Latvia on the third spot among the world’s technological superpowers.

The only two countries in which mobile internet consumption was higher last year are Finland and Taiwan, according to data compiled by Tefficient.

Experts mention that this is the second year when Latvia remains ahead of its neighbours – Lithuania and Estonia – and technological giants like Sweden, USA, Germany, Japan and Canada mobile data consumption-wise.

At the same time, specialists say that, compared with 2015, mobile internet consumption in Latvia grew by a third last year. This is not only thanks to unlimited data volume plans, but also thanks to expansive 4G network coverage. As more and more different sectors of the national economy continue modernizing their internal processes, solutions that require stable internet connection become more popular.

«Latvia’s name is becoming more and more confident among other superpowers. While elsewhere in the world countries continue working on 4G connections, Latvia already has a well-developed high-speed data processing infrastructure. This makes this service available to anyone in the country,» comments LMT President Juris Binde.

Binde continues: «Moreover – to secure appropriate network capacity for the growing mobile internet consumption in the country and prepare for 5G, we have made one step further and have begun setting up 5G-ready stations in Latvia. As a result, we have created a beneficial environment for innovations and development of new products, increasing competitiveness of Latvia’s economy in the world in the process.»

Last year, Latvian residents used mobile internet 1.5 times more often than Estonian residents and 4 times more often than Lithuanian residents. As for EU member states like Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Portugal and Romania, mobile internet consumption per SIM card in Latvia exceeds their indexes up to ten times.

Experts explain that 5 GB or the average monthly mobile internet consumption volume recorded in Latvia last year is equal to spending 256 hours on Facebook, 1,000 hours using Google search engine or sending 170,660 WhatApp messages.


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