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Government to review healthcare financing legislative project

Anda Caksa/play24.
On Thursday, 31 August, an agreement was reached during a meeting of National Council for Trilateral Cooperation’s Healthcare Industry’s Sub-Council in favour of a compromise variant of the healthcare funding legislative draft.

As noted by Healthcare Minister Anda Caksa, a compromise variant was developed by combining legislative drafts from Healthcare Ministry and Latvian Health and Social Care Workers’ Union.

The minister said the legislative project will be submitted for a quick review to Healthcare Ministry to be later submitted to the government and Saeima, where officials will continue discussions, Caksa added.

The politician estimates the document may be submitted to the government one week from now.

As it is known, it was decided to combine legislative projects from Healthcare Ministry and LVSADA at last week’s meeting of the National Council for Trilateral Cooperation.

The search for the solution was entrusted to Healthcare Industry’s Sub-Council. Officials have time until 8 September to come up with a compromise solution.

In accordance with the law, the planned legislative draft should come into force next January.


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