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U.S. congressman voices support for Latvia’s security

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Latvian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s state secretary Andrejs Pildegovics met with Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives Ed Royce on Thursday, 10 August. During their meeting, the congressman voiced strong support for Latvia’s security.

Pildegovics welcomed the political support provided by the US Administration and Congress to Latvia and the entire Baltic region. He said Latvia is thankful to USA for NATO’s historical decision in relation to the alliance’s expansion to Baltic States.

At the same time, Pildegovics says Latvia is fully prepared to contribute to security on its own by allocating 2% of GDP to the defence budget in 2018 and continue participating in military exercises.

US Congressman Royce voiced strong support for Latvia’s security.

He said the US Congress understands security challenges Latvia and other countries of the region currently face. The US Congress affirmed its support by approving the resolution regarding the importance of NATO Article 5 and by approving the law on stricter sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. Royce also noted that he is prepared to assist with prevention of hybrid threats for USA and Latvia.

Pildegovics invited US Congress and US Administration to continue supporting the development of cooperation programme with Eastern Partnership and Central Asian region countries, because Latvia and USA have formed successful cooperation in this area, which is important to continue.

Pildegovics and Royce also agreed on cooperation between the European Union and USA in security, economics and trading.


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