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The National Alliance support oligarch case’s publication

Andrejs Judins/flickr.com/Saeima.
The National Alliance VL-TB/LNNK may support Unity deputy Andrejs Judins’ proposal to approve a law on publication of materials of the so-called oligarch case.

Unity and the Union of Greens and Farmers plan to hold discussions about this idea.

Unity’s Saeima faction chairperson Solvita Aboltina says Judins’ proposal will be viewed at the next faction meeting. The deputy’s proposal is innovative, and it has to be reviewed properly to make sure publication of materials of a criminal case does not impact the rule of law, said Aboltina. She added that this idea has come under fire from Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis.

When asked if the party has any plans about any more attempts to replace Inguna Sudraba in the post of chairperson of the parliamentary investigation committee for the oligarch case, Aboltina said concerns of some Unity member about the committee being formed in its current composition have been confirmed.

UGF Saeima’s faction leader Augusts Brigmanis said the following about Judins’ proposal – «the deeper in the forest we go, the more wood there is and the deeper we go, the more original the performance». Once Judins’ proposal has been phrased, it will be possible to decide on it at the next meeting of the political faction.

Brigmanis says he is conceptually open for a transparent approach and is not against it. This is why he is allows for the possibility of generalizing this idea by publishing other cases that may be of interest to society. The politician ask why not publish information about the vote-buying scandal involving Unity in Latgale, materials of the criminal process regarding Krajbanka and Parex Banka, as well as other scandalous cases. Most voters would like to know how those criminal cases were investigated.

This is why consequent actions and clear assessment criteria are necessary to review this situation and make an appropriate decision. For example, is it necessary to publish this information because the media talks a lot about it, or are there other reasons. It is also important to remember if there is international practice of this kind, as well as what experts have to say about this idea, said Brigmanis.

The National Alliance would support such a legislative draft, and the political party is prepared to assist with its creation to achieve a legitimate goal – inform society, said the party’s co-chairman Gaidis Berzins.

Commenting on the fact that Ritvars Jansons’ proposal to replace Inguna Sudraba with someone else did not gain support, Berzins said ‘it is fairly sad’ to see Saeima deputies not ready to listen to President Raimonds Vejonis’ proposal. According to Berzins, his party currently has no plans to try and replace the head of the parliamentary committee.


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