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Committee discusses wider use of English in state institutions

«If state institutions could communicate with clients in English, it would considerably improve the attractiveness of Latvia’s business environment,» says National Economy Council.

On Wednesday, 9 August, the National Economy Council discussed the topic of more expansive use of English language in state institutions, especially supervisory institutions and communication with businessmen. The council also looked at Economy Ministry’s proposal for the improvement of legislative regulations.

During the meeting, Economy Ministry informed participants of the discussion about ongoing discussions with different sides on the possibility of allowing accounting procedures to be performed in foreign currency and in English.

«The ministry has performed initial analysis and has submitted the first compilation of expressed opinions. Opinions of business organizations in regards to this matter were sceptical but not rejecting, because different instruments for work with clients are already offered. This is why planned changes have to be justified with an in-depth assessment of problems experienced by foreign investors,» the council explains.

The National Economy Council supports the need to improve the ability of state institutions, especially State Revenue Service and Enterprise Register, to communicate with clients in English, especially foreign investors and other companies. «Openness of state institutions and the ability to communicate in foreign languages – not just English, but also other EU languages – would increase the attractiveness of Latvia’s business environment.»

At the same time, members of the National Economy Council said it is necessary to perform additional analysis of the possibility to improve the infrastructure that services businesses and gradually allow submitting documents to EDS in English.

Economy Ministry currently reviews opinions voiced by different sides. It is planned to prepare a conceptual report with specific proposals by October 2017.


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