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Lembergs says he has no reason to provide explanations about «oligarch talks»

Aivars Lembergs/aivarslembergs.lv.
Ventspils’ mayor Aivars Lembergs has sent a letter to Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis, asking him if there is any need to provide explanations to society in relation to the so-called oligarch talks, Lembergs said at a conference.

Lembergs says he decided to ask the president because Vejonis previously proposed that the politicians involved in Ridzene talks should provide explanations about their behaviour.

Lembergs wanted to know if Vejonis meant him as one of the politicians who should provide explanations. He also asked the president about any specific aspects of the talks for which explanations are expected.

In his letter to Vejonis, Lembergs says he has no information available to the president. Because of that, Lembergs invites the president to provide him with records so that he can have a look and then provide explanations. Lembergs notes he does not believe it to be possible to provide explanations about the authenticity and origin of the information reported by mass media.

Also Lembergs wants to know if Vejonis has listened to all audio recordings or only some of them. If the latter is true, Lembergs wants to know who selected specific recordings for Vejonis to listen to.

Finally, Lembergs also asks the president to inform him if he has any proof of the authenticity of recordings in question.

Lembergs says that only after receiving the requested information he will be able to fulfil Vejonis’ invitation and provide explanations to society. Lembergs says it is not possible to provide explanations on the mass media full of «unchecked and possibly illegally acquired news».

Ventspils mayor says he needs answers to the aforementioned questions to protect his interests, as well as to be able to provide accurate information to law enforcement authorities and parliamentary investigation committee.


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