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Government promises to prepare Healthcare Financing Law this month

Maris Kucinskis/State Chancellery.
By the end of August, the National Tripartite Cooperation Council plans will have created the initial version of the Healthcare Financing Law, as promised by Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis.

NTSP plans to organize the meeting between 25th and 27th August. It is during this meeting the matter will be discussed in relation to the council’s previous decision, said Kucinskis, answering the question about Latvian Health and Social Care Workers Union’s proposal to organize the council’s meeting in relation to the creation of a legislative draft.

«We stick to our promises [to healthcare],» added the prime minister.

As previously reported, LVSADA and Latvian Hospitals Association had invited Healthcare Ministry to organize a meeting of the NTSP Healthcare sub-council to discuss the matter on financing legislation and raising wages for healthcare workers.

Keris said on 31 July that no major political promises were present in the legislative draft for healthcare financing. He added that the legislative draft mentions providing healthcare with 4% of GDP «sometime in the future», instead of 2020. Also, the draft mentions nothing about raising healthcare workers’ wages.


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