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Pildegovics asks USA to maintain military presence in Latvia

Andrejs Pildegovics/flickr.com/mfa.gov.lv.
«Latvia is prepared to invest in the strengthening of its security by securing defence budget increase to 2% of GDP in 2018,» said Latvian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s secretary Andrejs Pildegovics.

On Tuesday, 1 August, Pildegovics met with a delegation led by US Congressman Joe Wilson to discuss strategic partnership between Latvia and USA in security, defence, Trans-Atlantic relations and regional security.

BNN was informed by Foreign Affairs Ministry that Pildegovics mentioned during the discussion that he supports the role of US Administration and Congress for Latvia’s security interests and invited USA to maintain its military presence in Latvia.

The ministry also says US congressmen affirmed their strong support for Latvia’s security. The same thing was said by US Vice-President Mike Pence during his meeting with presidents of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on Monday, 31 July.

«US congressmen approved of what Latvia has done to develop. They said Latvia’s accomplishments are an example to other countries that are only beginning their reforms. Pildegovics invited the US Congress to continue supporting development programmes associated with Eastern Partnership and Central Asian member states. Latvia is interested in continuing successful cooperation with USA,» Foreign Affairs Ministry states.

Officials participating in the meeting also discussed cooperation between Latvia and USA in preventing hybrid threats, as well as economic cooperation and activation of trade contacts.

Saeima press-service also reports that Inara Murniece had also emphasized the importance of support from USA for the security in the Baltic region.

«The United States of America are our strategic partner, and its continued support of security in the Baltic region is decisive,» Murniece said.


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