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Latvian ministry proposes lowering school age to 6 years

Karlis Sadurskis, the Minister of Education and Science/flickr.com.

Latvian Ministry of Education and Science has proposed lowering the age of starting school education by one year to six years, reasoning that currently, six-year-olds in pre-school and seven-year-olds in the first grade of primary school learn similar education content.

The proposed amendments to the General Education Law set forth that the teaching programme of first grade will only be implemented by those general education institutions that will be able to provide the learning environment needed to six-year-olds and teachers, who are adequately prepared for this work.

The ministry offers to implement the changes from September 1, 2018.

The Ministry’s officials believe that currently, five- and six-year-olds as well as seven-year-olds learn similar education content, meaning that since 2002, when mandatory learning of pre-school education was set to start from the age of five, education funds are partly spent inefficiently.


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