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Corruption watchdog admits back transparent policy advocates as consultants

Jēkabs Straume/skaties lv.

The Public Consultative Council of the Latvian Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) will again include two non-governmental organisations – the Latvian branch of Transparency International, Delna, and centre for public policy Providus.

The two organisations were excluded from the Public Consultative Council (SKP) by the previous head of the corruption watchdog, Jaroslavs Streļčenoks.

KNAB informed the BNN that on Thursday, July 6, a sitting of the SKP took place at the bureau, where members of the council agreed on future cooperation with the new head of KNAP Jēkabs Straume.

The SKP agreed on the need to deepen cooperation between the bureau and the public and decided to admit Jānis Volberts from Delna and Valts Kalniņš from Providus to the council.

In line with the KNAB SKP rules of procedure the composition of the council is confirmed by the head of the corruption watchdog.


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