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CEC does not revoke results of municipal elections in Rezekne

Arnis Cimdars, the head of CEC/flickr.com.
The Central Election Commission had decided to decline the complaint submitted by four Rezekne City Council candidates asking to revoke election results.

After reviewing the complaint, listening to the representative and reading the report from Rezekne Election Commission, CEC concluded that arguments detailed in the complaint are unjustified and election results in Rezekne are not to be revoked. At the same time, part of the complaint applies to possible vote-buying activities and violations of election promotion requirements. Assessment of such violations falls outside of CEC’s competence.

The complaint was submitted by Latvian Russians Community, To Latvia from the Heart, Latgale Party, National Alliance, Unity, Latvian Association of Regions, For Latvia’s Development and Alternative political parties’ representatives.

CEC also decided not to satisfy the request submitted by Latvian Green Party’s candidate list representative in Carnikava Roberts Raimo about recounting votes. As the reason for this request, Raimo mentioned that «Latvian Green Party lacks only 23 votes to enter Carnikava council».

On Monday, 12 June, CEC received a complaint about revoking election results in Olaine. Review of this complaint is scheduled for 15 June.

On 9 June, CEC decided to organize repeated elections in Kekava’s 785 election site.

Repeated elections are scheduled to take place 22 July.


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