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Criminal process launched against Bogdanovs couple working at Finance Police

Photo: iem.gov.lv.
Latvian Security Police has commenced a criminal process against Kristine and Maksim Bogdanov, who are husband and wife. The two are officials working at State Revenue Service’s Finance Police.The reason for the criminal process is disclosure of official secrets.

On Monday, 12 June, Security Police performed a search in the main SRS building. According to available information, the search was performed at the work stations of Maksim and Kristine Bogdanova.

The search was performed as part of a criminal process launched in accordance with Section 94 of the Criminal Law – for disclosure of official secrets. In the interest of the investigation SP refrains from further comments.

SRS representative Alona Zandere has confirmed the fact that a search was performed on Monday. She did not, however, provide more detailed comments on the situation, saying that only SP has the authority to do that.

Alla Jurasa, lawyer of the Bogdanovs couple, confirmed on Monday evening that her clients are not detained. ‘Multiple searches have been performed. I am unable to provide more information on this, because I have signed a non-disclosure agreement,’ she said.

Maksims Bogdanovs is the son of the former Organized Crime Combating Office and current security director of LatRosTrans Leonids Bogdanovs.

The Bogdanovs family had been in the public spotlight before. Pietiek.com reported last year that SRS director Ilze Cirule was informed that honest workers had been filtered out of Finance Police and that Kristine Bogdanova’s husband and Leonids Bogdanovs’ son Maksims Bogdanovs had ended up in the seat of the head of Finance Intelligence Office. «L.Bogdanovs’ association with Vladimir Vaskevics is, mildly putting it, known to all security services,» Pietiek.com cited a letter from an anonymous SRS worker.

«When entering his post, the head of Finance Police Edijs Ceipe emphasized that he will not allow formations of family ties within the institution. What we see now is exactly the opposite – although formally K.Bogdanova does not answer to M.Bogdanovs, there is a conflict of interests, and it is clear because Maksims will be able to decide which investigators are given cases and from which criminal processes will be taken away. What we see now is the formation of a scheme that will allow him to settle scores with any FP employee. There are also major corruption risks associated with him,» as mentioned in the anonymous letter published by Pietiek.com.


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