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Wild boars shot in Latgale found to have classical swine fever

Photo: Edijs Palens.
 RIGA, Nov 21 - Several wild boars shot by hunters in Dagda and Pasiene regions have been found to have classical swine fever, therefore the Food and Veterinary Service has issued a warning to Latgale pig farms and asks farmers to immediately report veterinarians if pigs fall ill or die.
The warning primarily concerns pig farms in Balvi, Vilaka, Baltinava, Karsava, Cibla, Ludza, Zilupe, Dagda, Kraslava, Aglona and Daugavpils regions, as the Food and Veterinary Service's representative Ilze Meistere told "Nozare.lv".
The Food and Veterinary Service has also asked hunters to report any dead wild boars they come upon near Latvia's borders with Belarus and Russia.
The Food and Veterinary Service's experts will visit farms in Zalesje, Pasiene, Istra, Skaune, Berzini, Svarini, Kepova, Robeznieki, Indra and Asune counties to inspect the farms and inform farmers about ways to prevent the disease.
Classical swine fever is a highly contagious disease of pigs and wild boars that was last registered in Latvia in 1996.
Classical swine fever is not dangerous to humans.
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