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20 asylum seekers resettled from Greece to Latvia

As part of the European Union’s resettlement programme, twenty people were relocated from Greece to Latvia on Wednesday, 19 April. Ten of those people are children, as reported by Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

Five families from Syria have been relocated to Latvia. They currently reside at Mucenieki Centre for Asylum Seekers.

Among the resettled people are representatives of professions like pharmacist, nurse, chef, shipping and trade industry representatives. Persons stated knowledge of Arab, English and Kurmanji language.

In accordance with internationally established procedures and requirements of the Asylum Law, shortly after their arrival in the country, officials of the State Border Guard accept applications from asylum seekers and inform them about their rights and duties.

In the days that follow resettlement of asylum seekers, Latvian State Border Guard continues working with them and preparing the necessary documents for the provision of asylum seeker or alternative status.

As part of the European resettlement programme, Latvia has resettled a total of 300 people, as reported by OCMA.

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