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Three American Chinook transport helicopters to enhance Latvia’s security

Imagr: youtube.com.
This week, three Chinook transport helicopters of U.S. army will arrive at Lielvarde airfield to reinforce Latvia’s National Armed Forces. These helicopters will be stationed in the Baltic region on a permanent basis.

Helicopters part of the Atlantic Resolve will be based in Lielvarde and participate in military exercises in Latvia and Baltic region. Helicopters will remain in Latvia for several months, as noted by Defence Ministry’s press-service.

Helicopters participating in Atlantic Resolve operation will participate in military exercises and enhance defensive capabilities of Baltic States.

CH-47 Chinook is a medium-class helicopter used for transportation of troops, supplies and equipment. These helicopters can be used for medical evacuation, search and rescue operations and other transportation operations.

The closest military exercises in which Chinook helicopters will be used are the Summer Shield international exercises, which will be taking place throughout 17 – 30 April.

Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 and aggression in eastern Ukraine, USA commenced Atlantic Resolve operation. Its goal is to demonstrate USA’s continued contribution to collective defence of NATO member states, ensure peace and stability in the Baltic Region and Poland. The operation takes place in Romania and Bulgaria as well.

In accordance with the operation in Latvia, USA provides the presence of its troops in the country on a rotational basis. Often troops arrive with armoured combat vehicles.

Continuing the operation, five U.S. Blackhawk helicopters were delivered to Latvia in March. In addition, approximately 60 representatives from the 10th Aviation Brigade Phoenix have arrived in Lielvarde along with helicopters.


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