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Usakovs calls Latvia’s education minister a liar and fraudster

Nils Usakovs/facebook.com.
Baiba Brigmane, representative of Unity’s faction in Riga City Council, has requested to add the matter on Riga City Council’s behaviour in improving the quality of education in Riga’s general education facilities to the agenda of the next meeting of the city council’s Education, Culture and Sports Committee.

She also requests inviting to the meeting the management of schools in which result index of exams in the 2015/16 school year was below 30%.

In response to the claim that schools in Riga have low-quality education, Mayor of Riga Nils Usakovs posted a statement on this Facebook page, saying: «The Education Minister – is unprofessional and, possibly, a fraudster».

Brigmane says information has surfaced in public space, stating that low education quality is noted in multiple schools in Riga. Completion index for centralized exams is said to be below 30% in Riga 29th Secondary School, Riga 54th Secondary School, Riga 61st Secondary School, Riga 15th Secondary School, Riga 92nd Secondary School, Riga 65th Secondary School and Riga 53rd Secondary School.

«This low index means youngsters do not receive the necessary knowledge at an appropriate quality,» the deputy says.

«Study results about the education level in Riga schools are proof that the capital is in need of a serious school reform. Students are not to blame that the city council’s and the responsible department’s policy offers them education of inadequate quality,» says Baiba Brigmane.

Usakovs promises to society that results of this surface study only mean that it is not only unprofessional, but also a fake or fraud.

Usakovs also says about the study’s data: «On Wednesday, 19 April, immediately after Easter, Riga City Council will offer an analysis of mistakes and fraud in the study.»

«I find it unfortunate that the Education Ministry has offended hundreds of teachers and thousands of children by calling their schools second-rate. Unfortunately, such an announcement from the minister is nothing out of the ordinary. And yes, I will say this again, no school in Riga will be closed based on any of Sadurskis’ comments,» said the Mayor of Riga.

Riga City Council’s Education, Culture and Sports Department’s rules state that the department assesses the institutions under its authority. Most of them are schools in the capital. The department is directly subordinated to the chairman of Riga City Council. Deputies’ control over the department is realized by the city council’s Education, Culture and Sports Committee.

Education and Science Ministry has concluded that multiple schools in Riga have education of low quality. This is reflected in the ministry’s study that analysed the correlation between the number of students and results of centralized exams.


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