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More and more people predict Solvita Aboltina’s plans to become the next Prime Minster of Latvia

Solvita Aboltina/flickr.com.
«More and more people predict Solvita Aboltina’s plans to become the next Prime Minster of Latvia in autumn 2015. On top of that, rumours state talks about it have already begun on the backstage. If it is true, it is likely the new government will no longer depend on the current coalition. Instead it will start looking for a new one,» – predicts politology professor and former deputy of 10th and 11th Saeima Rasma Karklina.

«The recent vote in the Saeima points to the possible composition of this new coalition. This applies to both the vote for the president and the vote for the dismissal of Ainars Dimants from his post. In both these cases we have seen new voting coalitions with opposition parties, but without Unity’s differently minded deputies,» – as Karklina told Ir portal.

According to her, it is clear that the party’s no longer searches for a democratic approach with deputies like Ilze Vinkele, Andrejs Judins, Lolita Cigane and others. With that, it is expected that their opinions will likely be ignored in the formation of future coalitions.

«The future coalition could form in all kinds of ways. The recent votes do provide for two possible scenarios. In the vote regarding the dismissal of Dimants, we see that the ‘rebellious’ Unity deputies could be replaced by parties led by Sudraba and Bondars/Kaimins. Numerically it would look the following way: UGF (21) + NA (17) + TLH (7) + LRA (8) + Unity’s obedient deputies (13?). A total of 66 votes! The second possibility could appear not only without Unity’s democratic wing, but also without the National Alliance. This possibility is made likely by the results of the vote in favour of Raimonds Vejonis as President of Latvia: although the vote was a closed one, it is clear that the majority of Unity, UGF and a significant number of Harmony voted in favour of him. With that in mind, the future coalition could form the following way: UGF (21) + Harmony (24) + Unity’s obedient wing (13?). A total of 58 votes. It is possible, however, that smaller parties could join in as well,» – says Karklina.

She continues: «[…] what’s more worrying is Aboltina’s recent comment that deputies who do not submit to her party’s rule can leave the faction. It is a serious sign to all Unity faction deputies, especially the ones who defy opinions expressed by the party’s board.»

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