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Domburs: coalition parties are fooling the nation

Janis Domburs/LETA.
Parameters of the «right president» have no actual match. The statement «so that people would not be ashamed» is nothing short of masochistic. The search for the kind of showman «that knows how to look good and knows foreign languages» are simply too naïve, notes journalist Janis Domburs in regard to the qualities a President should ideally have.

«The current deficit of candidates shows lacking we are in terms of political parties and civil society. The coalition fools the nation with promises of holding talks with social organizations. Without actual candidates, these promises are nothing more than chatting events. In the past, the choice of the next president was more or less a deal or compromise between the lesser evil and the greater cretin,» – said Domburs in an interview to Ir magazine.

He believes it would only be logical for the president to be a socially-political figure that personifies comprehensive values and help accomplish goals or contribute to their completion where needed. «Candidates should be prepared to do what Andris Berzins has not done. His claims about accomplishments are debatable. Every candidate that has been announced so far has certain weak points. Public discussions between and about candidates only focus on the best they have,» – adds the journalist.

He would rather have the President serve as a tool to rid democracy of ambiguity, corruption and questions about one law and one truth for all. «But people like that are never put in high-rank posts in Latvia,» – says Domburs.

BNN had previously reported that the majority of political parties in Latvia are in no hurry to announce their presidential candidates. More and more often rumours surface about ‘dark horses’ and other surprises that may come up in the second stage of presidential elections in Latvia.

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