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Ilga Kreituse: ex-PMs’ party’s attitude towards voters is contemptuous

Ilga Kreituse/LETA.
The start of multiple former Latvian Prime Ministers in the upcoming Saeima elections is fuelled by the desire to be in power. They have nothing more than contemptuous attitude towards voters, believes politologist, Prof Ilga Kreituse of Riga Stradins University.

In her interview to Rīta Panorāma programme of LTV, Kreituse noted that this party is a unique formation in Europe, because even though return of ex-PMs to politics is a normal thing, the United for Latvia party consists of members from too different political powers – Janis Straume of the National Alliance and former leader of National Harmony Party Janis Jurkalns.

This party has apparently chosen one slogan – power. Ex-Prime Ministers seem to miss something they gained from it. And this demonstrates their nihilistic and contemptuous attitude towards voters, says Kreituse.

She also noted in her interview that five leaders will not be enough to overcome the 5% barrier to enter the Saeima. Even though Ainārs Šlesers is a very energetic man, ‘a bulldozer cannot drive on its own, a bulldozer alone is not enough to build a road – it can only flatten things,’ – she said.

She also reminded that the parliament’s refusal to allow the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau to perform a search in Šlesers’ home became the reason for the dissolution of the 10th Saeima.

Kreituse also hopes voters will not be gullible.

The United for Latvia party united several ex-Prime Ministers and former politicians who want to return to politics in Latvia. These include Ivars Godmanis, Aigars Kalvītis, Ainārs Šlesers, Jānis Jurkāns and Jānis Straume.

As it is known the dissolution of the 10th Saeima by then the President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers was supported by 94.3% of Latvia’s residents.
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