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The "Australian Matisse" exhibition opens this week in Riga

An exhibition by a Belgian Pacific artist that was also known as The “Australian Matisse” shall be taking place in Riga, Latvia from the 16th of August till the 30th.

Max Leo Daneels (1926 – 2004) of Belgian heritage, moved around the world and settled in  Australia and produced some of the most amazing pieces in his lifetime. The unique exhibition by the late Mr. Daneels will be held at the foyer of the Riga City Council Building.
Max’s style was known by art critics and artisans world over as “Fauvism”, which was how he naturally was known as the “Australian Matisse” by his peers in Australia.
The exhibition, organized by the VIV Foundation, in collaboration with Pacific House of Art managed by Suluo Daunivalu, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (London) is the beginning of one of the many exhibitions of “European Artists of the Pacific” in the Baltic States and North Europe, an international art project initiative.
The title of the exhibition "Peregrination through the XX Century" (from the Latin word "peregre" - a travel outside the motherland). It is the title of 45 panels that join fragments of 20th century history and portraits of people that have become symbols of the 20th century.
The artist tried to understand and convey everyday joys and sorrows of world on canvas , rise of human thought and fall of dynasties, discovery of other worlds and loss of priceless moments of life.


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