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Scottish alternative rock band ''Biffy Clyro'' to perform in Riga this fall

''Biffy Clyro''.
RIGA, July 23 - On November 11, at the ''Palladium'' concert venue in Riga, one of the hottest alternative rock bands of the moment ''Biffy Clyro'' (Scotland) will perform a concert, LETA was told by the ''L.Tips'' concert agency.

The band originally former in the mid 1990s, and comprises Simon Neil (guitar, lead vocals), James Johnston (bass, vocals) and Ben Johnston (drums, vocals). 

The band will be in Riga as part of its European tour promoting its latest album - ''Opposites''.

''Biffy Clyro'' has released a total of six albums, and won many music awards during their career, the most recent being this year's ''NME Award'' as ''Best British Band''.
The band has also previously performed with such well-known bands as ''Muse'', ''The Who'', ''Red Hot Chilli Peppers'' and the ''Rolling Stones''.


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