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People not happy with various problems encountered during ticket sales to Song and Dance Festival

 RIGA, April 6 - People all over Latvia are dissatisfied with the way ticket sales to this summer's Nationwide Song and Dance Festival are going, as there have been many complaint, LETA has observed.

Long lines and extremely slow service to purchase the tickets are the main complaints. People attempting to purchase tickets on-line have also been encountering problems, as the on-line sales system has been overloaded with visitors. Long waits to reserve tickets by phone has also been a problem, as there is just too much demand for tickets at the moment. Many people have been standing in line for several hours since this morning at ticket outlets, and LETA observed that these lines are moving forward very slowly.

As reported, within the first two hours since tickets went on sale this morning, tickets to some of the XXV Nationwide Song and XV Dance Festival's most popular concerts were sold out. Tickets to the festival's closing concert at the Mezaparks Open-Air Stage and tickets to the grand dance performance at the Daugava Stadium are all sold out. Long line began forming at ticket outlets throughout the country early this morning. Within the first two hours, a total of 14,836 tickets have been sold.

Tickets to other events are still available.
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